Storytelling Theatre registration and more information

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Storytelling Theatre registration and more information

from 60.00

Kids Go Wild Storytelling Theatre at Shallowford School is available for all Shallowford Students, homeschoolers and the general public.
KGW Storytelling Theatre located at Shallowford School is offered:
Tuesdays from 1:15pm-2:15pm
Parents have the option to sign up for the Winter session:
Sept 11 - Dec 18
Cost $156.00
Parents can sign up for one four week session at a time.
Cost: $60.00
Shallowford students are picked up from their classrooms at the end of afternoon carpool.
Homeschool students should be brought to the Storytelling Theatre room located on the third floor of Shallowford School.
Carpool pick-up begins at 2:15pm and ends at 2:20pm.

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Storytelling in preschool doesn't have to be reading a book in a quiet setting. Instead, storytelling can be adventures, spontaneous, and creativity.  According to local speech pathologist, Maggie Defilippo:

“Storytelling gives our children the opportunity to practice making their own visions of the stories they hear.
It “grows” their listening skills and hence their ability to hold onto that information and store it for future reference so they can make connections to real life experiences. Connecting the language we hear with our imaginations and memory is a needed prerequisite for reading.”

Kids Go Wild Storytelling supports these crucial developmental skills in a fun, engaging and safe venue. Children are encouraged and guided as they are introduced to hands-on storytelling techniques  with their peers.
Through this supportive program, children’s self-confidence grows as they tap into their natural talents and become more spontaneous and imaginative in their “playmaking.”