Nature Camp

Q: How many campers are typically in each camp?
A: Generally we have between 18 and 20 campers.

Q:  I want my child to be with his friends. Do you put the kids into groups? 
A: No. We never put campers into groups. We find that kids go a great job of making new friends and including others in their activities on their own.

Q: What should my camper bring the first day of camp?
A: Please bring three separate bags with clean cloths. The bags will stay at camp all week to be used as needed.
Each day please pack a filled water bottle, lunch.


Q: What if I have to cancel a piano lesson at the last minute? Do I still have to pay for that missed lesson?
A: Yes. You can then schedule a make-up lesson. All make-up lessons are located at my home studio.

Q: Do you teach music theory?
A; Yes. The freedom a student achieves when they can read and understand music as a language is limitless.
-"Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music." The goal of Kids Go Wild is to introduce and encourage a love for adventure in their learning as well as the possibilities that the discipline of learning brings.

Q: I took lessons as a kid but never learned to read or understand notes. Do you teach sight reading?
A: Yes. Being able to sight read music is understanding the lines and spaces as well as note value and notations is beneficial not only for piano but for other instruments.

Storytelling Theatre

Q: My child tells stories at home constantly but when she's in front for others she get very shy. How would she benefit from storytelling theatre?
A: Storytelling Theatre is a safe and accepting environment. We all learn through imitation is some form or another. Participating verbally is not the only benefit of storytelling. Watching others performances is a powerful learning tool. Students are encouraged to express how they feel and are supported full when they share feelings.

Q: Do you do a performance where parents and grandparents can attend?
A: Yes. At the end of each session we have a performance with the school and then with the parents at a later date.

Q: I want my child to try storytelling theatre but don't want to make a commitment for a full session. Can they sign up for a month of storytelling theatre and if they do is it worth it?
A: Yes to both. We are set up as four week sessions. You are more then welcome to sign up for one session. We tell stories constantly through out our day. Students gain self-confidence at storytelling theatre in a four week session or in a full session. The only difference is students attending for a four week session might not be in the end performance.